38 Shelach-Lecha

  • In Parashat Shlah Lecha Moses sends 12 spies into the Land of Israel charged to gather information and to scout out the land for military purposes. so to make the Israelites entering the Promised Land easier. In the haftarah for Shlah Lecha, Joshua is continuing the mission that Moses began: planning a military action to conquer the land. Joshua sends two spies into the city of Jericho to survey the region and assess the military options. The spies lodge with a prostitute named Rahab, who lives along the wall built around the city. Somehow, the king of Jericho is alerted and orders Rahab to produce the men she is hiding. Luckily, Rahab is able to hide the men on her roof while her home is being searched. She successfully convinces the king that the spies have already left and can be caught if the king’s men give chase. Once the king’s men are gone, Rahab goes up to the roof to speak with the spies. She tells them that she heard about the miracles God performed for the People of Israel, and she believes in the Israelite God. This is why she protected the Israelite men, and turned against her own king. Then she demands that she and her family be spared when the Israelites attack Jericho, and requests some kind of sign that to prove that her family will not be harmed. The men promise to protect Rahab and her family and climb out of her window to safety. As they are leaving, they tell Rahab to leave a crimson cord hanging outside her window. The cord will mark her home as a safe house, and everyone inside it will be spared from harm, but anyone who ventures out of her house will be taking his life into his own hands. When the spies return to the Israelite camp and report to Joshua they say, “The Lord has delivered the whole land into our power; in fact, all the inhabitants of the land are quaking before us” (2:24).
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