February 16, 2016



The illustrated Torah Scroll- Project. For an exeptional fundraising and educational experience.

We are promoting the Worlwide Illustrated Torah Scroll- Project which can be a  really good opportunity for fundraising and for providing your community with an incredible educational experience. 
You might consider these facts:
  • Every executive director is looking for a good fundraiserThere are many ways to raise money for your synagogue with the Large Torah scroll and of course also with the Mini Torah scroll. {We will be glad to show you the evidence from the field, form previous happy costumers, and to introduce you to the various way in which you can conduct a fundraising campaign through the Torah Scroll}                                                             
    • Every educator is looking for good material to reinforce and widen Jewish knowledge. Beside the financial aspects, many communities are very happy on how the scroll is used to teach Torah to young as well as to adults. It is also a sweet way to show all the scroll on Simchat Torah. Moreover, children and adults with special needs can be taught Torah using the images of the scroll.
    • Every student is looking for interesting material to study from.  This is a majestic reproduction of the entire Torah, created with colorful, incredible illustrations of each Torah Portion. Your students will be eager and exited to collaborate in the learning, interacting with you through art, not wanting to stop and leave!

          For more information on the Illustrated Torah Scroll Project, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be exited to help you out through this enthusiastic adventure, following you in every step you need with patience and many more useful tips!

          January 28, 2013

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